Assignment #2 – Urban Painting, Urban Mood

Here is the brief for assignment #2, due for Pin-Up on Tuesday, 09.18.2012.

Find a photograph or image of an urban setting, either from the web or taken with a digital camera, and use that image as the inspiration for a photoshop painting. You should digitally paint the scene using brushes, textures, photocollage and linework. The scene should be changed or embellished in some way to represent a mood – i.e., it should not be a photorealistic copy, but should employ some of the techniques we covered today (chiaroscuro, texture, dramatic lighting, etc.) to set up an idea of what the space is like. In addition, you must include in the painting a self-portrait of sorts. This does NOT mean you need to draw your face in the composition, but rather use an identifiable part of yourself or your persona in the picture. This could be a literal self portrait, a far-off shot, a symbol, an object, or anything that you find personal attachment with. This should help to reinforce the mood of the painting and should be integral to the composition (i.e. it should become the focal point). The assignment is a self-portrait of an urban scene, where you will use the mood, composition and theme of the drawing to say something about your personality.

You should NOT use any of the original photograph for the assignment; rather, the photograph should only serve as a reference for your painting. You may, however, use outside images, textures, or references to help embellish your drawing.

Expect to spend about 3-4 hours on this drawing. It will be due on Tuesday.

Here are some helpful tutorials that will relate to the work you are doing this weekend:


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