During tonight’s class we will be breaking up into groups of 5 or 6 to do smaller reviews of your assignment due today. We will pin up either in the classroom somewhere or, if the light is adequate (which it may not be), somewhere in the hallway/balcony area or in the link.

During the time you are not in a review I would like you to go through a few tutorials which will prep you for Thursday’s class.

First, if you do not yet have a copy of the most recent SketchUp, download the program (for free) here:


Once you have downloaded that, I would like you to go through the first four tutorials on SketchUp (Getting started with SketchUp parts 1-4).


If you are already comfortable and have an intermediate-advanced level of knowledge of SketchUp, I will let you use your own judgement as to whether or not you feel these videos are necessary.

I would also like all of you to check out these videos:


These are each about 1 hour long with no sound – so feel free to skip around to different parts of the videos. What is important to watch here is how the artist is using a combination of digital painting, texture application and collage to create the images.

These two tutorials are perhaps the best examples of how one can use a smattering of different techniques to create architectural drawings. It would heed you well to pay attention to them.


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