Final Portfolio – Tips and Hints

Some reminders for your final portfolio:

  1. Make sure you include LOTS of process work. The more process work I see and the more thoughtful commentary that accompanies that work, the better. Ideally, I’d like to see between 3-4 layouts of process work PER assignment, and probably more than that for your final. Remember, we are treating drawing as a way of thinking, so I want to see how you treat each step in the process of creating a collage, what you were thinking about as you made those decisions, and why those decisions brought you to one conclusion or another.
  2. Don’t fuss over formattting – just use the template I provided, as no additional credit will be given to fanciful layout or formatting.
  3. Remember to “place” images in the document rather than copy and paste them – this will keep the file size smaller. The shortcut for placing images is “Ctrl+D”
  4. This will provide helpful tips for resizing, cropping and placing images:
  5. Once your document is completed, go to File -> Adobe PDF Presets -> High Quality Print. Use the standard settings. When you name your file, please name it lastname_firstname_portfolio.pdf, i.e. Hara_Michael_portfolio.pdf
  6. To send me the file, use the website Send your file to (my email address).

Portfolios are due at 9:00 P.M. on Thursday, the 18th. Late submissions will be docked 10% per day, so do NOT turn them in late.


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