With the power and ease of digital rendering utilizing automated software applications ever on the rise, there is a growing tension between those who draw with a pencil and those who draw with software. Between this artificial and unnecessary divide lies a landscape of opportunity of hybridized intervention, one that marries the mathematical sophistication of software with the exploratory use of the hand. Students will learn matte painting within the specific realm of Photoshop to speculate on architectures and environments through highly individual forms of drawing.

This course will produce architectural representation through the use of digital compilation techniques, specifically digital painting with the aid of Photoshop, digital modeling programs, collage and a drawing tablet. Drawing from a long history of architectural depiction in art, we will utilize every tool at our disposal to narrate an architectural story or propose an architectural argument.

With an ever-critical eye on the purpose and reasons for representation, we will study how to match a project’s architectural ideas to a representation that speaks the appropriate concepts. Using visual communication as the primary medium, students will craft arguments through a wide range of digital and analogue representative techniques to tell the story of their work.

The course will be a crash-course in basic artistic concepts – sketching, composition, chiaroscuro, focal points, figure ground relationships, and basic color theory. In addition, we will delve extensively into the power of Photoshop as a tool for both conceptual ideation and literal representation. By the end of this 8-week course students will have an advanced understanding of how to utilize the virtues of both the hand and the computer to create representations that are argumentative and beautiful.


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